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Not only do our daily lives hinge on a healthy planet, at La Vida Laguna our livelihood does too. And there isn’t a guide or instructor among us who isn’t fanatical about clean oceans. We deplore litter and clean up our beaches and water on every tour. We ask our guests to do the same. We also point out the storm drains, where tons of toxic waste are emptied into our waters after every rain. The way to prevent it? Don’t throw anything into your local sewers.

Respect the plant. We only have one.

Together as one, we can save it.

Sales of our “Help the Kelp” tees and sweats really helps the kelp – which is vital to our eco-system. 10% of sales goes to Nancy Caruso’s Kelp Project.

Marine Biologist Nancy Caruso has been directing the Kelp Project since 2002. The Project restores kelp forests by inspiring the community to be stewards of the ocean. The Project combines the efforts of 3,000 schoolchildren and 400 volunteer divers. These schoolchildren (mostly underserved) have been taught to grow kelp in portable classroom nurseries. This kelp then gets planted in the ocean by the highly trained divers. Their efforts are working! Kelp is growing in areas that have been barren for 25 years. With more than 800 different species depending on them, kelp forests are the rainforests of the sea.

For more information, go to: www.getinspiredinc.org

Here are some other great environmental organizations we support:



Drum Circles

Laguna Beach Full Moon Burn

If you’re lucky enough to be here on a full moon, come to the free Laguna community drum circle. Or if you’d like to schedule your own private drum circle for a party or teambuilding event, contact us.

The community drum circle is held at Aliso State Beach from 7 – 10pm, every full moon, complete with bonfire.

If you have a drum, great. If not, don’t worry, There’s always extras. However, extra wood will instantly ingratiate you.

Aliso Beach is a few miles south of downtown Laguna on PCH, just past the Montage Resort and opposite Aliso Creek Golf Course. The drum circle meets at the south end. Just have a listen and you’ll find us.

Note: La Vida Laguna is in no way affiliated with the Laguna Beach Full Moon Drum Circle and posts this information strictly as a community service.

2014 Moon Burn Schedule

  • Thursday, January 16
  • Friday, February 14
  • Sunday, March 16
  • Tuesday, April 15
  • Wednesday, May 14
  • Friday, June 13
  • Saturday, July 12
  • Sunday, August 10
  • Tuesday, September 9
  • Wednesday, October 8
  • Thursday, November 6
  • Saturday, December 6


Check back regularly for special announcements



If you’re looking for things to do outside of Laguna Beach, look no further than our sister company, Kijubi.com

What is Kijubi?

It’s Expedia for activities, a place you can research, organize, plan and book fun things to do around the planet. Kijubi makes it easy. Whether you’re planning your next vacation, “staycation,” or just fun-filled weekend, Kijubi is the place to discover new things to do. After all, “What Kijubi Doing?”


Local Music

Here’s your weekly lineup – great music every night of the week – except Mondays. Everyone needs a break.

If you like reggae, you’ve come to the West Coast hub. Here’s what we like:

Tuesday nights: The Rebel Rockers at the Sandpiper – 10pm. These guys started in the 70′s and were the first West Coast reggae band. Check out the phat rhythm section of Redz on bass and Rock on drums, the honey vocal harmonies of Jelani Jones, and especially the soulful singing of Princess. These guys will blow you away!

Wednesday nights: The West Coast reggae all-stars at the Sandpiper – 10pm. This band features much of the same lineup as Rebel Rockers, but has Massive McGregor on vocals, who brings a tasty mix of reggaeton and dance hall to the eclectic reggae sets

Thursday nights: World Anthem at the Sandpiper – 10pm. World always draws the biggest crowds with a huge sound and 3-4 part harmonies, with Ron I holding down lead vocals. If you like to dance, this is the place to be on Thursday nights.

Friday Nights: Nick I of Common Sense at Mozambique – 8:45. This soulful crooner is a Laguna Beach legend, fronting world famous reggae stars Common Sense, but also bringing an eclectic mix of soul, blues and rock with his tight, tight band.

Friday & Saturday nights: House DJ at Brussels Bistro – 10pm. This is Laguna’s only dance club scene. This small, intimate venue clears out the tables after 10 and spins house, trance and techno music until 1:30, bringing a Euro crowd with it.

Sunday Nights: Reggae at Mozambique – 8:45. Mozambique restaurant presents an awesome mix of reggae superstars. This small club features an amazing sound system and stage that has been graced by George Clinton and Erika Badu, among others.