Your team will feel like Tom Hanks in Castaway when they find themselves marooned on a deserted island (that just happens to be next to a pool on the resort grounds). But that's no ordinary pool. It's a sheltered lagoon, offering your teams the only way off the island. So they must build boats out of "found" materials on the beach, like PVC piping, twine and pieces of wood. The team that builds the most creative vessel wins one award. But the team that can float, paddle, and get to the other side of the lagoon wins the other, making for a raucous and fun team activity that can also include a de-brief after on how teams collaborated and communicated, providing a teachable outcome. 



In this teambuilding variation of “Build a Boat,” teams will gather by a pool and be told they have been shipwrecked ala Tom Hanks in “Castaway.” And like Tom, their only way off the island is to build a boat and paddle through the reef into open seas. 
They must construct their boat from “found” materials, which includes PVC piping, twine, and pieces of wood, plastic bottles, tarps and assorted décor. 
The first team challenge is to visualize how to build a boat that can seat at least two people. They will have a short period to “engineer” their design with individual chalk boards. Then they will work together to build the boat in the prescribed time. At the end of the period they will judge the creations of their opposing teams and vote for best design. 
But best design doesn’t mean best performance, and now the boats will be put to the test. Teams will decide which two members will paddle first in a race to the other side of the pool. When they finish the next two teammates will paddle it back. 
This always makes for a fun and lively experience to see who has the wits and stamina to win. After we have a de-brief to discuss team dynamics in leadership, coordination and creativity. Everyone will learn more about teamwork and how important it is to overall performance. 
Price: $100 per person