Team Building: Orange County’s Best Corporate Experiences

If your image of team building activities involves silly games or boring lectures, it’s time to forget what you thought team building was all about. At La Vida Laguna, we craft unforgettable group experiences that your team will remember for years to come.

Performance experts now regard time in nature as essential to optimal wellness and performance. Biophilia is defined as man's innate connection to nature, and numerous studies have shown that unplugging from devices and engaging in outdoor experiences sharpens critical thinking, promotes camaraderie and teamwork, and induces calm when confronting stressful situations.

With that in mind, take a look at a few of our options for corporate team building in Orange County.

1. Ocean Adventures

The waters around Laguna Beach are ideal for group ocean experiences. With seven miles of protected coastline, your group will enjoy spectacular scenery as they paddle in and around hidden coves and beaches.

We offer kayaking treks and paddleboarding adventures for individuals and groups, and our outrigger canoeing experience is another perfect option for team building in Orange County. Not only will your group enjoy all the beauty of the Pacific water and coastline, you’ll have to work together to cruise through the water, paddling in sync all the way.

For all three of these adventures, no experience is necessary, just the ability to swim. Our experienced guides will lead the way and provide you with some information about our local waters and the flora and fauna that reside there.

fun corporate team building

2. Mindfulness Activities

The corporate world can be a stressful and busy place, and sometimes it’s a fantastic idea to simply grab your team and take them out of the hustle and bustle to a place where they can simply relax and commune with nature. We have several unique options for corporate team building in Orange County that are especially ideal for any company wishing to jump start or support a corporate wellness program.

For instance, our Mindfulness 2.0 experience provides a great jumping off point as we provide an introduction into several awareness modalities. This experience includes some light yoga, breath work, meditation and much more. We also offer group yoga sessions, a Meditation 101 class and wellness therapy experiences, such as crystal therapy, aroma therapy, sound therapy and even taste therapy where you learn how to eat consciously for optimum health.

Our Mindful Hiking experiences are another popular option, and while we do offer other types of group hiking, this excursion focuses on being present with our surroundings and focusing on each breath we take. It’s literally a moving meditation that induces a sense of calm and well-being, which is a perfect respite from our hectic daily routines. The best part of all of these activities is that your team can incorporate these experiences into their daily lives, providing a sense of calm, peace and gratitude.

3. Biking & Hiking

If you really want to get your team’s blood pumping, we can organize biking and hiking tours in Laguna Beach, Dana Point and Newport Beach. We design these experiences based on the group’s skill level and your time availability.

For our biking journeys, we keep you off the busy Pacific Coast Highway and stay on safe side streets, where you’ll encounter some notable architecture, learn a little local history and enjoy some amazing scenic vistas.

Our group hiking trips will take you through some of Orange County’s protected wilderness areas, such as Crystal Cove State Park or Laguna Wilderness Park. Our expert guides will teach you a bit about local flora and fauna, and these hikes also can be designed based on the skill level and timing.

4. Enjoy Some History & Culture

Orange County might seem all new and glossy, but this county has some rich and colorful history. Our home base of Laguna Beach has a particularly interesting past, and we’ve designed two historic walking tours that are perfect for smaller groups.

Our Art & Architecture Tour celebrates the early days of Laguna, which was settled in the early 20th century by artists seeking a haven from the hot Pasadena summers. During the tour, you experience the charm of downtown Laguna and view some of its historic architecture, which incorporates many styles.

Of course, as an artist enclave, Laguna Beach was an attractive spot for the 1960s hippie community, and our Counterculture Tour celebrates Laguna’s notorious past as a center of the counterculture movement. For instance, Laguna was the home of the Brotherhood of Eternal Love, a secret group that smuggled hashish and marijuana as well as manufacturing copious amounts of LSD.

5. Out Of The Ordinary Adventures

Actually, we think that most of our team building and group activities are pretty special, but if you really want your group to experience something unique, we have plenty of options. For instance, we can set up a huge sand sculpture event where your group works together to create a single masterpiece or breaks into groups to design several pieces of sand art.

Beach Olympics are a great option for both small or large groups, and we can host these at parks, beaches and hotel grounds throughout Orange County. You can choose from an array of fun and competitive games for your Olympic experience.

Our signature team-building activity is our “Shipwrecked” experience where your team enjoys a survival game and works together to build a shelter, gather food and overcome some interesting obstacles along the way. These events conclude with a special tribal celebration and ceremony that includes meditation and drumming.

6. Culinary Excursions

Corporate team building in Orange County is truly easy because there’s just no shortage of fun options. If your group loves food or drink, we have several options that cater to these interests. We offer a culinary walking tour of Laguna Beach where your group can sample some of the town’s best cuisine, or you can jump aboard a luxury motor coach and enjoy our Ethnic Foods Tour, which takes you to some amazing eateries in Little Saigon, Little Arabia and you also explore Santa Ana’s rich Mexican cuisine.

We also offer a Wine & Wilderness Tour, where your team can experience Orange County’s only vineyard and enjoy fantastic mountain and canyon views in the bargain. If you have a team of beer lovers, our Microbrew Hop will transport you to several popular micro-breweries along the coast.

If wellness is your main goal, don’t forget about our aforementioned Taste Therapy experiences. We also offer group nutrition classes, where your team can enjoy some wonderful healthy cuisine and learn how what you eat can feed your mind, body and soul.

These are just a few of the experiences we provide for team building in Orange County. We can design experiences for small groups of just six or eight people all the way up to experiences for 100 or even 200 people. Give the team at La Vida Laguna a call today, and we will design a custom experience for your unique group.