Nothing serves as a better metaphor for teamwork than a group percussion ensemble. Everyone contributes, everyone has a part, and everyone makes music - together. It’s a profound experience to take a group who largely believe they aren’t musical and turn them into musicians, experiencing the joy of the musical conversation. This facilitated workshop brings out smiles, thrills, and occasionally outbursts of spontaneous dancing.

Drum Circles can be a great way to end a long day of team building before endjoying a catered meal. Ask us about the 50% discount on Drum Circles when blended with a second activity like Shipwrecked or Beach Olympics.

Laguna Beach CA
Palos Verdes CA


  • Equipment
  • Team Photos
  • Water
  • 2hr Team Building Event


When people drum, something happens to their brain that only happens when people are drumming together or when people are in deep meditation. The brain usually operates with either the left or right side independently. People generally cycle in 20 minutes per side. But when drumming, we experience something called hemispheric synchronization, where both sides work at the same time. Scientists believe this is the basis of transcendent states of consciousness. People feel two opposite emotions simultaneously: energized and relaxed.
— Robert Lawrence Friedman, a psychotherapist based in New York