Outdoor Adventures

Look deep into nature and you will understand everything better - Albert Einstein


Custom experiences and events for groups of any size
We specialize in experiential, transformational team play, because unplugged, offsite and in nature is where connections deepen and meaning happens. 

We create a container for personal and team growth – through fun, outdoor adventure. In one of the most profoundly beautiful settings on earth. 


Shipwrecked is a unique eco game that fosters teamwork and advances new survival skills. Teams are "shipwrecked" on a deserted island and must work together to cross a "lava" river, build shelter, cook food with solar ovens, and distill drinking water from the ocean, all with found materials.

Nothing serves as a better metaphor for teamwork than a group percussion ensemble. Everyone contributes, everyone has a part, and everyone makes music - together. It’s a profound experience to take a group who largely believe they aren’t musical and turn them into musicians, experiencing the joy of the musical conversation. This facilitated workshop brings out smiles, thrills, and occasionally outbursts of spontaneous dancing.

Add catering to your next event. We specialize in private group events of all sizes.

Add catering to your next event. We specialize in private group events of all sizes.


Daily paddleboarding, surfing, kayaking, biking and hiking
Enjoy the thrill of coastal activities in beautiful Laguna Beach with our daily lessons and tours. 


La Vida Laguna is the way to go if you are looking for competent, reliable professionals to handle your needs for local outings and activities.
— Mary D. - Yelp