Orange County is a Paddle Wonderland

Experience the mind-blowing beauty of the Southern California coastline from ocean to harbor to bay. Our guided tours are the perfect group activity to keep everyone together in an inclusive, exhilarating activity that promotes teamwork, fitness, and the wonder of nature. 

Daily Ocean 2 Hour + Sea Lion Kayak Tours
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Custom Group Tours
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Laguna Ocean Kayak

Take a guided kayak tour along one of the most dramatic coastlines in the world, filled with hidden beaches, contoured cliffs, clear ocean, abundant sea life (home to sea lions, dolphins and whales), and Technicolor excitement.

We launch out of Fisherman’s Cove, one of the calmest, wave-protected coves in Laguna Beach, then paddle the North Laguna coastline, teeming with marine life in its crystal clear waters. You’ll see hidden reefs where bright orange garibaldi fish swim just beneath you, and giant starfish attach to the rocks. We’ll explore the expanding and magnificent kelp forest, growing up to a foot a day. You’ll enjoy views of Main Beach and the hidden coves and beaches of North Laguna. And we’ll get up close and personal with a colony of sea lions at Seal Rock, a nature sanctuary. Our instructors are all experienced watermen and women who will share their love of the ocean with your group.

With La Vida Laguna’s eco-kayak tours, you can count on one thing: the best natural mood elevator in town from a work-out you can taste, touch, hear, smell and see that leaves you pleasantly pooped but ready to ride the tide anytime soon.
— The Laguna Beach Independent

Newport Harbor Glam Tour

Newport Harbor is the largest recreation marina on the West Coast. And the most fabulous. See some of the worlds most exclusive real estate up close and personal, home to movie stars and billionaires. Paddle the famous man-made islands, though channels and inlets, see amazing luxury yachts, the world famous Fun Zone and the world’s shortest car ferry. Extend the tour with an optional landing on Balboa Island and walk the quaint village to enjoy a world famous Balboa (ice cream) bar. 

Newport Back Bay Eco Tour

Paddle the flat and natural estuary of Newport Back Bay, the largest of a few remaining natural estuaries in Southern California. An estuary is a coastal wetland where salt water from the ocean mixes with nutrient-rich fresh water from inland sources, to provide a fertile feeding area for birds, fish and other animals.

Upper Newport Bay is an important rest stop and/or winter home for birds migrating from Canada and Alaska, and up to 30,000 birds can be seen here on any one day during the winter months. The Bay is also a spawning ground and nursery for many commercial and sports fish, including halibut and bass.

Our naturalists will guide you through mudflats and marshlands to experience this amazing ecosystem up close