Catching Waves: Memorable Things To Do In Laguna Beach

There’s nothing quite like the thrill of wave riding, of standing on a foam board being propelled across the water by the energy underneath it. It’s not an easy sport to learn. But for those lucky and determined enough to stick with it, the rewards are huge. Most surfers liken it to a spiritual experience, and it provides them a lifetime of healthy and exhilarating pleasure and our surf lessons can get you started.

At La Vida Laguna, we know people are looking for exciting things to do in Laguna Beach, and it is our sincere desire to share the stoke of surfing with every one of our students. Our guides are CPR-certified watermen and women who do this because they simply love to be in the water, pushing first-timers into waves and watching them beam with excitement.

Our surf lessons take place at Thalia Beach, Laguna’s top spot for beginner waves. Situated just south of downtown, we start your journey at our surf shop off Brooks Street. You’ll get suited up with a wetsuit, store your valuables, grab a board and go. For those tagging along we provide beach chairs so you can watch all the action.

Or if you prefer, grab a bite or peruse the boutiques in the surrounding area known as the HIP District, there’s no shortage of things to do in Laguna while your friends are off catching some waves.

Surf lessons will begin on the sand, where the instructor will guide you on posture, pop-up technique, wave and paddle readiness, and all safety measures to ensure a good experience. Then it’s off into the epic waves of the Pacific. Laguna is a designated Marine Reserve, a “no-take zone,” meaning no fishing or spearing. This means our coastline is healthier than most, with robust kelp forests, clean water and amazing reefs you’ll be able to see from your surfboard.

 The view from the water is impressive and unforgettable, with Laguna’s long, sandy beaches and emerald hills in the background. But you’re not here to watch the sunbathers - they’re here to watch you. And you’ve got to look the other way as the sets roll in. Get ready. Get your head up. Now paddle hard into the wave and feel it lift you up and then down the face. Pop up to your stance and glide across the green roiling face of the wave. What a rush!

One note of caution. Surf spots in popular places can be crowded. While your instructor will try and keep a lane clear for you, it’s not always possible. Please always yield to experienced surfers who know when to take off and where to go. They get seniority. But don’t worry. The waves keep rolling. And you’ll get the next one. It’s an endless summer of surf in Laguna Beach.

Surf lessons are just one of the amazing things to do in Laguna Beach. For those craving adventure on the open sea, we also offer stand-up paddleboarding experiences, kayaking treks and outrigger canoe adventures. Or, you can explore the local flora and fauna on one of our guided nature hikes. At La Vida Laguna, our goal is to take people out of the hustle and bustle of daily life and immerse them in the wonder and quiet of nature. Let us know how we can shape your Laguna Beach experience.

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