Fun Group Activities: Boost Your Team With “Enlivenation”

An Experiential Wellness Program From La Vida Laguna

Fun team-building activities? Is there such a thing? Can you discover group activities that captivate and enrich the lives of your employees? We believe that mindfulness-focused activities can provide boost your team’s cooperative spirit, reduce workplace stress and strengthen lines of communication. And, yes, there’s always a component of fun. Read on to learn more about Enlivenation, our experiential wellness program.

Enlivenation is a proprietary form of mindfulness training that focuses on the five senses. It can be done indoors or outside. By learning to be totally present with our senses, we are able to process more pleasures in everyday life, and discard the tangential noise that often trips up our minds in the virtual and tethered world. Enlivenation teaches the tools to literally wake up and smell the roses, eat mindfully, notice the soothing sounds of nature, delight in all that you see, and engage your skin (your largest organ) into a heightened state of awareness for everything you feel.

In short, Enlivenation is a program in remembering what makes us human, and the enormous potential for heightened awareness, concentration and rejuvenation that comes with engaging our senses fully.

At La Vida Laguna we make Enlivenation an experiential team-building program that enhances the wellness of every participant. There are many ways to experience it: indoors, on a lawn or beach; hiking, walking; or on a kayak at sea. Your group will re-engage with fun group activities that provide powerful new tools for combating stress, conflict, digital fatigue and interpersonal obstacles.

Here is a sample of the curriculum of experiences and fun group activities we offer through our Enlivenation program:

Interpretive Wilderness Hikes & Biking Tours: Step away from urban life and surround yourself in nature. Our experienced and informative guides will get your heart pumping and emotions stirring as you enjoy scenic vistas and learn a bit about the local flora and fauna.

Kayaking & Stand-Up Paddleboarding: Gain a new perspective on life and our coastline with kayaking treks or stand-up paddleboarding adventures. Our local crystal-clear waters muffle the sounds from the land, immersing you in the music of surf, birds singing and the splash of a dolphin as it leaps out of the sea.

Group Yoga: We’ve all heard about the benefits of yoga, but it’s a unique experience to do it on the sand with a gentle sea breeze and the sounds of crashing waves. We bring the mats and experienced instructors, all you have to do is bring your team and breathe. 

Meditation: Can meditation classes qualify as fun team-building activities? Perhaps fun is the wrong word to use, but mindful mediation can have a sincere impact our lives, making us happier and making the day a little lighter.  After a meditation session, group members feel more relaxed, more at peace and more connected with each other.

Sound Bath: Close your eyes for a minute. What do you hear? The sounds of cars honking, the clicking of fingers tapping on keyboards, ringing phones, loud voices, a fire engine blaring in the distance. We are surrounded by sounds, but often it’s a stressful clatter that upsets the senses. Our Sound Bath experiences are one of the most relaxing activities in our Enlivenation series. Groups go on a sonic healing journey as they lay back and experience the vibrations of Tibetan crystal bowls, and this healing modality sends waves of pleasure and energy through the body.

Breath Work: Did you know that most of us breathe incorrectly? Simply learning the science behind healthy breathing and learning how to inhale and exhale correctly can help one reduce stress, reduce anxiety and relax, in any given situation. It sounds simple, but sometimes the simplest ideas are the best.

Mindful Walking: We walk all the time, but do we really take in the sights, the sounds and aromas as we journey? Mindful walking is about being in the moment, immersing yourself in your surroundings and letting go about past worries and future concerns.

Conscious Eating: Too often, we simply grab for whatever food is easiest. But take a moment to remember the old adage, “you are what you eat.” If this is so, why fill your body with foods that don’t feed the body or enrich the soul. If you are searching for fun group activities that tend to generate a great deal of enthusiasm, our Conscious Eating classes can be an excellent option.

Compassionate Listening: We are so rushed, and so centered on our own personal and family issues that it often feels as though we simply don’t have time to truly focus on another person. Compassionate listening, however, can transform a workplace, leading you to a deeper knowledge of your co-workers, not to mention improving communication and workflow. We spend 40+ hours each week with our co-workers, why not improve your bond through compassionate listening?

Raw Chocolate Tastings: Let’s face it, people bond over food and chocolate is loved pretty much universally. If you’ve been searching for fun group activities that incorporate food, a raw chocolate tasting might be a unique experience. But what is raw chocolate? Typically, chocolate manufacturers roast cacao beans at high temperatures and chemically treat these beans, as well. Raw chocolate is never heated and rather than being mixed with a host of ingredients, raw chocolate typically just contains cocoa powder, cocoa butter, natural sugar and perhaps raw fruit or raw seeds. It’s a whole new chocolate experience, and a great step into more mindful eating.

 “Release” Ceremonies: Are you hanging on to issues from your past? Well, you aren’t alone. Humans spend an inordinate amount of time contemplating the pasts, and it bogs us down. Release Ceremonies help participants discard past obstacles and immerse themselves in the many joys of the present.

Group Drumming: Drumming isn’t some far-out “Hippie” experience, it’s a practice humans have enjoyed and used throughout the sands of time. For a unique spin on fun team-building activities, a drum circle is ideal and it’s something that everyone can do, even those who feel they have no rhythm or musical ability. We highly recommend this as an activity at the beginning of a conference, or perhaps to culminate a week of team building. Imagine your group surrounding a bonfire and watching the sun set over the ocean as you create a symphonic percussion experience.

This is just the tip of the iceberg, our Enlivenation offerings also include fun group activities such as Ecstatic Dance, Ayurveda’s Perfect Health seminars and experiences that incorporate native rituals and native traditions. To get started, contact the team at La Vida Laguna, tells us a bit about your group and its goals, and we can design a wellness experience just for you.

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