Leadership Development

Our La Vida Leadership Development Program is based on peak performance guru Abraham Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs. It’s an offsite experiential curriculum that unpacks the keys to happiness, fulfillment and purpose, and helps foster peak performance in life and career. 


 Our series is the perfect development platform for groups of 10-30, and is optimized as a quarterly half-day offsite program. We are happy to consult on the optimum program for you.



Everyone wants to be acknowledged and appreciated by their colleagues. The best way to do that is to play. In nature. We curate small batch ocean kayaking tours, nature hikes and scenic bike rides, along with surfing, SUP, and outrigger canoeing.


Engaging your team in competitive team challenges is a thrilling way to replicate many of the team dynamics facing your company everyday. Intuitive leadership abilities, teamwork, listening, consensus, strategy and execution are many of the things infused in our proprietary team challenges.


People realize their full potential when they are allowed to express themselves creatively. Our arts programs provide a creative outlet that can tie in to your company missions and goals.


This is the top of Maslow's pyramid, the place where employees feel actualized and validated by their work. It takes deep mental training, gratitude and a mindfulness practice. And it facilitates peak performance.