Peak Performance Retreats are based on Chip Conley’s best selling book “Peak Performance,” which integrates Abraham Maslow’s Pyramid of Needs into offsite experiential teambuilding. 

Learn how to achieve your highest level of individual and team performance through physical, mental and spiritual development – all wrapped into exciting experience filled days on our coast.

These one, two and half-day retreats can be customized to meet the particular challenges and goals of your group. They combine outdoor activities, Leadership training, mindfulness and healthy habits for optimal performance.

And best of all, they are exciting, fun, invigorating digital detoxes! 


1. Mindfulness

Step up your ability to handle stress, think clearly, and live life in a state of grace and presence

Breakfast Orientation
Meditation - and how to do it on the fly
Yoga for mind/body
5 senses kayak or paddleboarding
Box Lunch
Presentation - "Conscious Capitalism"
Hike & sunset meditation
Closing ceremony


2. Power Re-Boot

Get your mind and body in focus for wellbeing

Breakfast Orientation
Boot Camp
Trail Hike / Run
Power Lunch
Presentation - "Raw Chocolate and juice superfoods"
Power Paddle
Sunset Yoga
Closing Ceremony


How to collaborate, motivate and syncopate

Breakfast Orientation
Box Lunch
Presentation - "Creating dynamic company cultures"
Beach Olympics
Drum Circle
Closing Ceremony


Abraham Maslow’s Pyramid of Needs