Meditation on the Fly

The Harvard Business School has concluded that the two most effective business tools for twenty-first century executives are meditation and intuition; they build on one another. The calm, centered mind can access new neural pathways and forge creative, intuitive solutions to business challenges.   

Find out why Google, HBO, Procter and Gamble, Nike, Apple, Prentice Hall Publishing, Yahoo, Deutsche Bank, McKinsey & Co have made meditation an integral part of their cultures, and how it as boosted their bottom lines.

It’s been documented that most people find themselves facing a “fight or flight” decision on an average of 12 times each day.  Every time we encounter an obstacle to fulfilling our goals, the stress response occurs, sending adrenaline and negative stress hormones throughout mind and body. 

With our easy meditation practices, you will have tools for life creating clarity and new capacities to navigate through the most stressful and unpredictable circumstances.

Meditation on the Fly is designed for everyone in mind, even the busiest and most reluctant person can embrace this 20 minute practice anywhere; on the plane, in the car, in the office, and at home.

Gratitude as a Practice

According to UC Berkeley’s Greater Good Science Center, people who practice gratitude consistently report the following benefits: stronger immune systems, lower blood pressure, higher level of positive emotions, more joy, optimism and happiness, act with more generosity and compassion, and feel less lonely and isolated. 

What comprises happiness may surprise you: its 20% life circumstances and 80% intentional activity.

Gratitude as a Practice provides activities to guiding and empowering you onto a daily practice of living life on purpose, acknowledging you are a conscious choice maker and living in gratitude.

Compassionate Conversation

“Life is 10% what happens to me and 90% how I react to it.” - Charles R Swindoll

Communication is the rock upon which all healthy relationships are built. When conflicts arise, compassionate communication is essential for building a foundation between both parties, in order to find a suitable resolution and move forward. 

We guide you with an easy process to communicate your needs more efficiently and resolve any conflict.  We move away from the corrosive language most of us have been taught and cultivate the language of conscious conflict resolution.  Our four-part process is rooted in honesty:  observation, identification of feeling, stating need(s) and making a request.

Intentional Living

We take you on a journey to the magical everyday to discover life’s little joys and move through them more consciously.

Vision Boarding – the Law of Attraction through visual composition

Conscious Eating – discover the mystery and satisfaction in food by meditating on every bite and taste sensation

5 Senses Walk or Paddle: Get back to your senses and take the time to discover every sensation in every moment

Simple breathing exercises to give you more energy

Guided Visualization to inspire positive outcomes.