Your body knows no limits. It’s your mind that needs the convincing. - Anonymous


Let us come to you or better yet, come to our outdoor office and we will show you the benefits of yoga - beach style.  Not only will yoga improve your body mind connection, boost your immune system, build your inner & outer strength, improve balance and flexibility, ease pains and enhance deeper sleep, but it will give you lasting effects of more clarity and focus everywhere you go.

SUP Yoga


Novelty is important to bring into your life to stay creative, inspired and motivated. Whether you are standing, sitting or down dogging on a paddle board, it gives you a real connection to the bounty of nature with a little sense of adventure.  Breath fresh air, soak up vitamin D, boost your serotonin, and be flooded with negative ions.

Conscious Dance

This is a playful class for those who love to dance but rarely get a chance to. This is a free expression dance that cultivates awareness of your body and powerful intention setting. There is no wrong way or judgment. This solo, self-expressive activity is set to great dance music and is a wonderful kickoff or ice-breaker, and powerful way for colleagues to communicate and strengthen bonds through kinetic fun. 


Learn the basics of this amazing visual art and dance. We begin with poi’s and staffs, the tools you’ll need before graduating to actual fire. Become a Zen warrior and use these skills to obtain a higher level of balance, focus, strength and grace.



New neural pathways are created in the brain when we learn new ways to move our body.  Hooping is the new fitness craze and a fun way to burn 400 - 600 calories an hour, according the American Council of Exercise.

We bring upbeat, high-energy music to give you a full body break from sitting all day. The hoop is known to decrease back pain, strengthen and rebuild muscles, tightens stomach, improves spinal ability and increases hand eye coordination.