Take a guided kayak or paddleboard tour along one of the most dramatic coastlines in Technicolor, contoured coastline, home to sea lions, dolphins and whales.

This inclusive group activity requires no previous experience, just a healthy appetite for adventure and a love of the ocean. We offer teambuilding elements to enhance the experience, including:

Amazing Paddle
A variation of Amazing Race, only on the water and in kayaks. Teams will complete several challenges, find points of interests, and solve riddles.

Finding Your Porpoise
A treasure hunt incorporating themes from Abraham Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs. Teams will collaborate to solve challenges that reinforce their base needs, sense of self-esteem, and their higher purpose in business.

The Mindful Way
In this more contemplative paddle, we explore the power of the nature, and particularly the ocean, to calm and focus the mind. We will explore meditation, five sense awareness, and practices of corporate wellbeing


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With La Vida Laguna’s eco-kayak tours, you can count on one thing: the best natural mood elevator in town from a work-out you can taste, touch, hear, smell and see that leaves you pleasantly pooped but ready to ride the tide anytime soon.
— The Laguna Beach Independent
After, enjoy a picnic or cocktails at the adjacent Heisler Par

After, enjoy a picnic or cocktails at the adjacent Heisler Par

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