4 Groups That Need Team Bonding Activities

Everyone wants to boost productivity in the workplace, and team-bonding activities can go a long way to helping your company achieve its goals. If you aren’t sure whether or not team-building activities can benefit your group, read on and see if your team fits in one the following categories.

1. The Multigenerational Group

Most workplaces include co-workers from multiple generations. You might have a mix of millennials, Gen-Xers and Baby Boomers, and while it might all work seamlessly, sometimes it’s tough for these different generations to work together fluidly. After all, different generations have vastly different experiences. But each generation brings something amazing to the table and team-bonding experiences can help co-workers see beyond generation gaps and recognize value in each individual.

2. The Less-Than-Cohesive Group

In some cases, your company might have multiple departments, perhaps a sales department, account management, human resources, an IT team, accounting and so on. Do these co-workers mix and mingle well? Often these co-workers don’t really get to know each other on a deeper level and simply stick with people in their own department or go their own way. 

This may or may not affect productivity, but when everyone at your company gets to know everyone else, this allows them to understand the full picture of how every person fits into the company and allows it to flourish. Through team-bonding activities, your employees can get to know each other better and this increases enthusiasm and improves communication between departments.  

3. The New & Old Mix

If you’ve brought in a bunch of new team members, it can be tough for these individuals to bond with the more established co-workers. Whether you’ve just merged two companies or hired some new employees, team-bonding activities can be an ideal way to break down barriers and get people communicating. Additionally, these activities are shared experiences, and this means that your team members now have something in common – they’ve enjoyed a meaningful experience together.  

4. The Happy-Go-Lucky Group

Maybe you have an amazing team in place already and everything is just about as perfect as it can be. Why not celebrate that fact with some fun team-bonding experiences? Celebrate a milestone or the end of a successful quarter by treating your team to something a bit out-of-the-box.  

If you think team bonding experiences can’t be amazing, La Vida Laguna is here to prove you wrong. We offer extraordinary team-building experiences that will engage and enliven every member of your team, including: 

Ocean Adventures

Our group kayaking adventures are one of our most popular team-bonding activities, and we pick the best spots along Laguna Beach’s picturesque coast for these excursions. You also can book an outrigger canoe trek or perhaps opt for a group session of stand-up paddleboarding. We also can set up a surf camp for your team and supply the boards, the wetsuits and plenty of helpful instruction. 

Beachside Activities

At La Vida Laguna, we love the beach and we’ve planned some pretty amazing activities that will allow your team to enjoy a day basking in nature and enjoying collaborative and competitive activities.  

A day of Beach Olympics or perhaps a sand sculpture competition might be just what you team needs to get its spark back. Our Castaway adventure will have your team competing in groups to see which team can design the best boat. Our signature Shipwrecked adventure is a survival game where teams work to build shelter, gather food and handle various obstacles that come their way.  


Tours & Trips

Our selection of tours includes two historic walking tours in downtown Laguna Beach, where you can explore Laguna’s interesting and sometimes notorious past. We also offer cultural tours throughout Orange County, such as Art & Architecture tours, Ethnic Foods tours, a Wine & Wilderness tour and a Microbrew Hop.  

Cardio Fun

We can arrange hiking treks through our local protected wilderness areas, biking tours, boot camp, beach yoga, 5K runs, beach soccer & volleyball. Your team can get their heart pumping, take in the fresh air and enjoy some amazing views.  

Transformative Arts

We love to provide activities that truly reach the hearts of our clients and have designed some team-bonding experiences to nourish mind, body and soul. For instance, our Mindfulness 2.0 program includes light yoga, breath work, meditation, five-sense stimulation (sound, taste, touch, smell and sight) and we finish the event with gratitude as a daily practice.

We also offer many wellness therapies, including crystal therapy, aroma therapy, sound therapy and taste therapy. We also can set up and lead drum circles and sound baths for your team. Another fun option is for us to set up a complete wellness fair, so that your group can go from booth to booth and learn a little bit about many different healing arts.  

If you aren’t sure which team-bonding experiences might be the best fit for your team, give us a call and we can design a unique adventure that everyone in your group will enjoy and remember for a lifetime.