Team Building: We Help Companies Evolve

As Japanese writer Ryunosuke Satoro once wrote, “Individually, we are one drop. Together, we are an ocean.” A great team can move mountains, and as a team building company, we know that carefully crafted group activities can improve lines of communication and foster creativity. Take a look at what La Vida Laguna can provide.

Competitive Experiences

A little friendly competition can be just what your team needs to regain some energy and momentum. For instance, we organize beach volleyball and beach soccer events, as well as 5K runs for our clients.

For something a bit more out of the box, a day of Beach Olympics might be the perfect option. We also organize Sand Sculpture events where teams work together to create amazing temporary works of art, and then have a blast judging each other’s creations. We also offer Treasure Hunts, where teams head out on the streets of Laguna Beach on a quest provides some time for collaboration, some light exercise and a whole lot of fun.

Collaborative Experiences

Our unique Shipwrecked and Castaway experiences are the perfect collaborative exercises. Teams work together to find solutions to unique problems such as building shelter or a boat.

Our kayak adventures and outrigger canoe treks are other collaborative options that also provide a view of Laguna that few people ever see. A basic knowledge of swimming is all that is needed, as your team works together to paddle kayaks or a large canoe across the water.

Mindfulness & Wellness Activities

These days, many companies are committed to providing wellness activities or wellness plans for their employees, and our Mindfulness 2.0 program can a great way to kick off a wellness program or support your wellness efforts. These sessions begin with light yoga and breath work and continue with meditation and five sense stimulation and how to incorporate gratitude into daily practice.

We also offer nutrition classes, mindful hiking journeys, crystal therapy, aroma therapy, sound therapy and even taste therapy. Drum circles, sound baths and beach yoga are other activities that can cleanse the soul and bring people closer together. Few team building companies provide the type of mindfulness and wellness experiences that La Vida Laguna offers, and we are passionate about helping others attain person growth.


Outdoor Excursions

Aside from the collaborative kayak and canoeing adventures, we love taking people out of the office and into the great outdoors. We can design a stand-up paddleboarding experience or perhaps set up a day-long Surf Camp for your team.

We also offer hiking and biking treks in and around Laguna, Newport and Dana Point. Our beach cities provide spectacular scenery, and depending on what you select, you can bask in the area’s flora and fauna or learn a little about local culture and architecture. We offer wilderness hikes, mountain biking and leisure biking, as well as walking tours of downtown Laguna.

If you are wondering if these activities can really transform your team, take a look at some of the proven benefits that team building companies can provide.

1. Improved Socialization

We spend 40+ hours per week with our co-workers; shouldn’t we get to know them on a personal level? Team building activities are shared experiences, and shared experiences build connections. If your team seems to have trouble meeting each other on a social level, our team building company has a variety of experiences that can help, and these activities are particularly important as you add new members to your team.

2. Better Communication

When you take part in team building activities, it requires communication, but because these activities are fun, communication is easier. As the day progresses, people begin to learn more about each other and understand their co-workers personalities, which makes it easier for them to communicate and collaborate in a business setting.

3. A Boost In Creativity

Team building activities bring people closer together, and this ensures that co-workers are more comfortable with each other. When you feel safe and comfortable with your co-workers, it’s far easier to share ideas and find creative solutions.

4. A Boost In Morale

A great team building activity can change the whole tenor of your team. If things seem to have gone a bit haywire at your company and morale isn’t as high as it can be, consider shaking things up and treating your team to one of our unique team experiences. A day of Beach Olympics or our unique Shipwrecked and Castaway events can be just what your team needs to reignite the fire of their passions.

5. Celebrate & Have Fun

As a team building company, we know that every experience isn’t solely for the purpose of improving your team. Sometimes, it’s awesome to celebrate a successful quarter or year or celebrate after the completion of a big project. Our activities definitely meet the fun requirement and your team will remember these experiences for a lifetime.

If you’ve been searching for a team building company that can provide your team with a unique and memorable experience, La Vida Laguna can craft just about any type of adventure you might want. Give us a call today, and we’ll get started creating something special for your group.