We are working in concert with the non-profit “Get Inspired” to re-populate the waters off Southern California with native abalone. Not long ago our coastline was rife with abalone. Unfortunately, there was no protections in place, and abalone were so easy to find and pick, they became extinct.

These marvelous and majestic shellfish (the multi-colored shells are often referred to as “Mother of Pearl”) were vital to our healthy eco-system and food chain, and we are now endeavoring to raise 100,000 abalone in captivity, for re-planting at sea.

We need your help! Become a sponsor. We are looking to raise $50,000, and make 100,000 tags, which can have your name on it. You could donate a portion, and have your employees make tags on the side! If you are looking for an environmental project in your home region that will really make a difference, help us with The Abalone Project.

Thank you!