Historic walking tours


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Art & Architecture Tour: 
Laguna is one of the oldest communities in Orange County, settled at the turn of the century by artists from Pasadena looking for a respite from the summer heat. The landscapes they painted epitomized the California Impressionist movement, and the homes they resided in ranged from European derivatives, to the California Craftsman style. Many have been preserved. On this tour you'll experience Laguna's quaint downtown charm, it's dozens of public art works, and it's historic architecture. 


Counterculture Tour: In the sixties Laguna became an enclave for hippies, surfers and artists. Which is somewhat redundant. Spurred by the antiwar movement, Laguna attracted a counterculture movement that culminated in the Brotherhood of Eternal Love, a secret group that manufactured over 100 million hits of LSD.  They also smuggled hashish and marijuana to help fund their goal of turning everyone in America onto LSD. And attracted Timothy Leary, who was busted here. See where it all happened on this tour, and what's left of it.