Transformational arts

In this age of anxiety and information overload, more people are turning to the ancient wisdoms for wellness practices that calm and focus the mind, engage the senses, and deliver harmony and balance. Transformational arts are being integrated into corporate wellness initiatives as science has proven their effectiveness.


WELLNESS practices


Mindfulness 2.0

An introduction and exploration into all the awareness modalities, with some tools to incorporate these practices into your daily life. We begin with some light yoga and breath work, then move into meditation, 5 sense stimulation (sound, taste, touch, smell and sight), and finish with gratitude as an everyday practice. The perfect introduction to transformational arts. 


Gratitude as a Daily Practice

In this workshop we form a "circle of trust," and learn to explore our deeper emotions and what it means to be human on this planet. We touch on the themes of non-violent communication, active listening, and conscious commerce. This is a chance to dive deeper into human relationships with friends and colleagues, and learn to incorporate a daily gratitude practice that will enrich your life and induce serenity. 


Yoga in Nature

Yoga is about focusing on the life giving force known as breath - or prana. And there is no better place to practice than in the fresh air and abundant beauty that California has to offer. We curate yoga experiences of all levels on beaches and lawns, and accompany it with music. We focus on the 5 senses, & oxygenating the blood stream for physical and mental well being. 

Breath work.jpg

Breath Work

From the yoga sciences comes breath work, breathing exercises that open up blocked body / mind channels and alkalizes your body. It incorporates rhythmic body movement as well as sitting and breathing, and ends with a sound bath. It brings more clarity, strengthens the immune system, moves stagnant channels, and relaxes the nervous system.  


Meditation 101

The science is out: meditation works and is a powerful mode of achieving and maintaining balance and wellbeing. We teach how it can be used to increase productivity and focus at work. We start by asking the five major questions. While these do not require answers, they plant the seeds for subconscious manifestation and self-realization. And then we teach the techniques for reaching the place between the thoughts, known as "pure potentiality." 


Mindful Hiking

While walking is something we practice everyday, we rarely do it consciously, with intention. In this nature hike we learn to become more present with our surroundings, our breath, and each step we take on the earth. It is literally a moving meditation that induces calm and wellbeing, and can be accessed in our busy, hectic lives when rushing from place to place, making the journey the destination. 

WELLNESS therapies

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Crystal Therapy

Crystal healing is an alternative medicine technique that employs stones and crystals. In this workshop we teach how crystals correspond to body parts, or chakras. Placing crystals near these body parts creates an energy grid that emanates healing energy. 

Aroma Therapy.jpg

Aroma Therapy

The olfactory nerve is the fastest gateway to the brain, and a strong producer of endorphins and sense memory. Delight your sense of smell with a journey into essential oils. 

Sound Therapy.jpg

Sound Therapy

Tibetan sound bowls and gongs produce a tonal frequency that thoroughly relaxes the nervous system, Take a sonic massage and relax into a sound bath. 

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Taste Therapy

While taste and food is a delight we covet, we rarely take the time to really be with our food and appreciate everything about it, from the sight, smell, texture and taste. In this class we re-learn how to eat consciously and provide the nourishment your body needs for optimum health. 

transformative expos

Performance Tribes


Put all or any of these modalities together for a complete group experience

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Musicians, Drummers, Fire Dancers, Body Painters, Live Artists, Card Readers