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The Motion of the Ocean

Welcome to La Vida Laguna, your one stop aquatic wonderland. Laguna has the tastiest mix of everything Cali coastal; a translucent and pristine Marine Reserve brimming with fish, sea lions, dolphins, whales, abundant marine birds, and a stunning kelp forest – our underwater eco system. All framed by the most dramatic coastline in Southern California, and bathed in maximum technicolor days. Come paddle, surf, and play in paradise.

  • With La Vida Laguna’s eco-kayak tours, you can count on one thing: the best natural mood elevator in town from a work-out you can taste, touch, hear, smell and see that leaves you pleasantly pooped but ready to ride the tide anytime soon.
    The Laguna Beach Independent
  • While paddling there was much laughter, conversation and camaraderie among the kayakers. Time seemed to evaporate. ‘It was the perfect antidote to no sun,’ said Laguna visitor Mario Madero. ‘It’s much prettier than the golf.
    The Laguna Beach Coastline Pilot
  • All of our folks had a great time mountain biking and as you could see – the drum circle was a huge success! All those type A personalities really got into the beat.
    Marge Johnson : Harris Bank
Laguna Beach
Bike Tour
Bike Tour
2 hours
Kayak Tours
Kayak Tours
Laguna Beach
2 hours

Team Play & Events

Build Lasting Memories

Plan Your Perfect Group Activity. We specialize in unique, water, beach and wilderness games, challenges and play. Whether you are a small family, mid size wedding, or a corporate retreat of 500, we have programs for every size, shape, and ability level, from ocean and wilderness recreation, to large scale teambuilding events with a teachable outcome.

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