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Downtown Walking Taco + Brewery Tasting + Sightseeing Tour

Tuesdays, Thursday, and Saturdays • 2 Hour Tour

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Group of 5 or More

Every Taco Tells a Story, And Every Place in Laguna Does Too

Learn the history of tacos, the greatest street food ever invented. Welcome to Southern California, the world’s incubator of exotic tacos. You’ll find traditional street tacos, seafood tacos, and hybrid mashups from our polyglot of exotic local cultures. This is not just a tour: it’s an immersion into the unique and perfect seaside village of Laguna. You’ll be led by locals with a deep passion for the place. And for glorious tacos too.

In this guided walking and food tour, you’ll experience the breadth of Laguna’s magic as a turn of the century artist colony. You’ll see the many galleries, festivals, and installations, the steep, sloping hillsides, beloved Craftsman architecture, and storied California light that inspired so many artists to land here and practice “plein air” art. Also known as California Impressionism. You’ll learn about Laguna’s central role in the birth of surfing, mountain biking, skate and skimboarding, its deep musical heritage, and the counterculture movement that grew out of it.

We’ll start at historic Main Beach, and then head into town for your first taco sampler – classic street tacos. Wash it down with a traditional Mexican lager.

Then we’ll head to the Arts District, home to the Festival of Arts, Pageant of the Masters, and Sawdust Festival, arriving at your next destination, our local brewery, where you’ll experience the classic Baja fish taco. And wash it down with a delightful flight of 3 delicious micro-brewed beers.

Then it’s back into town for our final destination, Laguna’s most artistic Mexican Restaurant, where you will enjoy an exotic, gourmet taco of your choice. And some yummy a la carte desserts if desired. Hang out for drinks, or head into town to enjoy ice cream and live music.

This walking + sightseeing tour of downtown Laguna Beach includes 2 mini and 2 full sized tacos, plus 1 beer and an additional flight of three (6oz) samplers. Or comparable beverages. It lasts approximately 2 hours.


Name: Downtown Walking Taco + Brewery Tasting + Sightseeing Tour
Time: Tues, Thurs, Saturday 6pm-8pm

Pricing: $135/pp 5+ppl $125/pp (no tax)
Min 2 guests
Ages: All ages but must have a valid ID to consume alcoholic beverage



About Taco Tours in Laguna Beach

It’s no coincidence that our company has a Spanish name that means “the Laguna Life,” and that we offer a taco food tour. We owe much of our heritage to the Spanish. Well, to Mexicans actually, who were here before us. The entire region has a Spanish influence, from the historic Missions, to the many Spanish homes, hotels and civic buildings. And especially to the food. Because Mexican food is one of the world’s great cuisines.