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Learn more about our pedal assist ebikes that will make your tour more enjoyable


One thing we learned from the pandemic is that bicycles are a healthier, safer and more enjoyable way of getting around town than in cars. Especially in a small coastal town with perfect weather – like Laguna Beach. In fact electric biking has become so popular that they’re often difficult to find. Luckily, La Vida Laguna bought a fleet of them before the pandemic, and not only are they available to rent, but we are the only company offering guided tours of Laguna.


And what a great biking town it is. Well, eBikes that is, because Laguna is filled with canyons and hills. That doesn’t mean that you should throttle the whole time, because our bikes are pedal-assist (meant to be pedaled) – but you get a boost anytime you need it. All you have to do is pick a setting, from 1 to 5, with 1 giving you the least assist, and 5 giving you the most. At the same time, choose a gear, 1 -7, and you now have 35 combinations to get you up nearly any hill with minimal effort. Or ride without the assist when you are feeling up to it. Plus, as a safety feature, the assist only gets you to 25 mph – you have to do the rest.

Our eBikes also come with fat tires and nice, comfortable seats, ensuring ease and safety as you navigate the town streets. But these bikes are not made for off road mountain biking. They are far too heavy and are just recreational road bikes.

A little about riding in Laguna. The streets can be narrow, and many drivers are distracted, so be careful. The best ride is on the official bike route, a 7 mile north/south designated pathway that has directional signs, sharrows (street stencils of bikers, signifying drivers to share the road), and even a stretch with a dedicated bike lane. Best of all, it keeps you off Coast Highway, which you should avoid at all costs because there are very few shoulders, and cars drive way too fast. Stick to the neighborhood roads. They’re more tranquil, and far prettier anyway.


What a delight to ride Laguna, with it’s eclectic architecture, verdant neighborhoods, and endless ocean vistas. North Laguna neighborhoods have wide, expansive streets and many historic homes in the California Craftsman style. There’s also Crescent Bay and Heisler parks, offering some of the most gorgeous vistas in Southern California. On any given day you may see whales swimming offshore. And Crescent Bay Park looks straight out at Seal Rock, home to a colony of sea lions. Look closely as you ride along Heisler Park and you will see many art installations from local artists. Of particular interest may be Jorg Dubin’s World Trade Center memorial, Semper Fi, made with actual steel girders from the centers. It sits in Heisler Park just in front of the Time Capsule, an oddity placed in 1972 by the Kiwanis Club, and set to be open in 2022, with many mementos from the period placed inside.

You’ll then pass the famous gazebo as you head south, and the Laguna Museum of Art. Crossing Coast Highway now, you’ll take Lower Cliff Drive through downtown, passing the newly constructed Forest Avenue Promenade. Park your bike and take a stroll, as biking is not allowed.  Then continue south on Catalina to the roundabout, with it’s towering a fragrant eucalyptus trees. Circle it at least once, inhaling the mentholated air before continuing south to Bluebird Canyon. This unique neighborhood is set in a deep canyon, and you’ll make a perfect loop up, down, and around one of the hills. You can continue south from here to Nye’s Place, or turn around and take Temple Terrace north towards downtown to complete your tour.

If you rent a bike, La Vida Laguna will provide you a tour map and a helmet. If you take one of our tours, you won’t need a map but you’ll still get a helmet, and you will be regaled with stories of Laguna’s unique history as a progressive art colony and counter cultural outpost in the 60’s and 70’s by one of our expert and amiable bike guides. All from the comfort of your amazing and zippy eBike.  Yipee!

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