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Our surfboards are not only safe, but there’s a reason why we use them for lessons

With La Vida Laguna surf lessons, we always put safety first. That’s why we only use soft, foam top boards. These perform like regular surfboards, but won’t hurt if you get dinged. Traditional surfboards are made from fiberglass and can hurt upon impact. We also offer the latest in wetsuit technology to keep you snug and warm. Best of all, you get to try them on in our surf lesson shop, which is designed exclusively for lessons. We don’t sell anything else, so we have ample room for trying on wetsuits, and offer bathrooms for privacy. Best of all, we have a nice hot shower for you upon your return. And if you have friends, family or parents who want to watch, we have complimentary beach chairs they can grab. If they prefer to do something else, we are in the heart of Laguna’s shopping district.

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Our shop is just a short walk to the beach, and you’ll learn the proper way to carry these lightweight boards. Our friendly, experienced watermen and women will help find the right wetsuit for you, and then lead you down to Thalia Beach, the best beginner surf break in Laguna Beach. The waves here break slowly and gently, offering you ample time to scramble to your feet.

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But first we’ll start on the beach with a lesson on proper board positioning, paddle out techniques, getting into the lineup, popping up, and proper stance. It’s critical that you learn these things on the beach before venturing into the water, because proper etiquette in the water is crucial when you are around other surfers.

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After you have completed the beach lesson, your instructor will help you into the water, and assist you in paddling out beyond the impact zone. Now’s your chance to inhale that incredible fresh, salty air that makes surfing so irresistible. You’ll be paddling through a channel and avoiding the waves. Once outside your instructor will hover close and help you into the lineup. They will coach you on which waves the catch, and give you a push when the waves are just right. Then paddle, paddle, paddle, and voila, the wave lifts you up as you pop to your feet and experience the rush of sliding down the wave. What a feeling! You’re surfing. Look at that smile on your face! Then repeat again and again until your arms are spaghetti and you need to paddle in for a break. You can sit and watch other surfers and hone your technique.

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Then when you’ve caught your breath, paddle out again, and keep charging. But be forewarned: this is a highly addictive sport and with any success you are likely to ditch life on land and make a lifetime pursuit of wave riding. It’s healthy, invigorating, and free. Finally, when you are pleasantly pooped, return to our shop, rinse off, throw your clothes back on, and indulge in surfers’ greatest post-surfing sport – eating, grinding, and replenishing. Hopefully on fish tacos or carne asada burritos.  There’s plenty of restaurants all around you. Just ask your instructor the best place to go. Not only are they experts on surfing, but they are also experts on the best post surfing restaurants as well.

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