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a man riding a bike down a dirt road

Celebrate Laguna’s beauty with a fun, invigorating and informative ride around Laguna’s official bike route with your hosts, La Vida Laguna. Bring your own bike or borrow an electric bike from your hosts, who wants to encourage residents to get out of their cars and onto bikes to make Laguna healthier, friendlier, and less congested.

“Electric Bike technology has vastly improved, with increased range, battery life and speed. It’s like a cross between a bike and a motor scooter, only silent, with no carbon emissions. It’s a great, invigorating way to get around Laguna and experience its natural beauty, architecture and points of interest,” says Doug Oyen, La Vida Laguna’s Chief Adventure Officer. “Now people can get up our hills and keep pace with traffic on our narrow streets, two of the things that inhibit traditional biking in town. Plus they are so easy to park downtown.“

The community ride begins at La Vida Laguna’s headquarters at 1121 Glenneyre St (corner of Oak St.). Electric bikes are offered on a first come, first-served basis, beginning at 9:30am. La Vida has 12 bikes to loan, but suggests an optional donation to help defray maintenance costs and the guides. Riders need to be at least 16 years old and 5’ tall.

After a brief orientation on eBiking, the ride will head south on Glenneyre and loop through Bluebird Canyon, then back through town and onto Laguna’s only dedicated bike lane on Monterrey in North Laguna. We’ll stop at Pyne Castle, the Dartmoor trailhead (with a splendid view of the Hortense Miller Garden), Crescent Bay lookout, Heisler Park, and much more.

Notably, this ride never goes on Coast Highway, proving it easy to ride from North Laguna to Nye’s Place in South Laguna on bike-friendly streets. La Vida Laguna discourages anyone from riding on Coast Highway due to lack of shoulders and driver awareness.

At the completion of the ride La Vida Laguna hosts a reception at its headquarters with free snacks and beverages, all in an effort to build community through biking. With increased popularity and demand, La Vida Laguna hopes to increase the frequency of community rides to weekly, and possibly adding a sunset ride in the summer months. For more information, visit

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