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Laguna Beach is a recreation paradise, and the perfect place for offsite business meetings and retreats. The town made famous by an MTV reality show is more than just it’s pretty, tanned faces, and shallow . . . waters. Laguna is a town with a deep artistic and spiritual heritage that honors her bounty of nature, with protected wilderness on one side, and a marine reserve on the other. If you are searching for Laguna Beach things to do, there is no shortage of thrilling options.

Many groups venture here for the oceanfront accommodations and ample meeting space. They also enjoy the convenient access to major airports and cities. At the many 5-Star resorts in and near Laguna, groups can find the usual array of array of luxury experiences, including spa, golf, shopping and fine dining.

Laguna has an eclectic mix of nearly 100 restaurants – many that offer private dining and party space. If you want to sample a taste of Laguna, the team at La Vida Laguna can provide you with a tasting experience as well as a walking historic tour of downtown. These are just two things to do in Laguna Beach that work well for corporate groups. For private event space, Laguna has 7 Degrees, an event space tucked into a scenic canyon. Some of the spaces at the Festival of the Arts can be rented for private events as well.

Speaking of art, Laguna is renowned for its summer show, the Pageant of the Masters, a tableau vivant experience, where actors pose as famous paintings. Before the show, we encourage you to explore the expansive Festival of Arts grounds where hundreds of artists displaying their work.

If you’re here during the summer months, and prefer a more laid-back and eclectic art experience, take your group to the Sawdust Festival, a pioneering art fair that broke away from the more formal Festival of Arts in 1968. Here you’ll find some unique and unconventional art as well as glass blowing demonstrations and live music.

At La Vida Laguna, we can provide further cultural experiences with our walking tours and coach tours of the town. Our guided motor coach tour takes you through the charming, lush neighborhoods, and stunning architecture with their spectacular cliffside ocean views. You’ll climb to the “Top of the World,” (it’s literally a place) and enjoy vistas of our (sometimes snow-capped) mountain ranges to the east.

La Vida Laguna’s walking tours provide the secrets to city’s colorful past, including Hollywood celebrities, surf innovators, hippies and notable figures such as Timothy Leary. You’ll also see examples of early California Craftsman and American Bungalow architecture displayed in Laguna’s many charming neighborhoods.

For group experiences in nature, consider a hike in some of Laguna’s 25,000 acres of open space. This coastal ecosystem known as sage scrub is unique to the area as it relies on coastal fog for moisture, but is yet largely drought tolerant in this arid climate. Home to native oaks, sycamores and three varieties of sage, your group will see what the natural coastal landscape of Southern California looks like, while getting a good cardio workout. There is an extensive trail system in the Laguna Coast Wilderness Park, and La Vida Laguna can pair your group with the ideal hike to accommodate the appropriate skill levels of your group.

Looking for land-based Laguna Beach things to do that are slightly more kinetic? Consider our Backroads Laguna Bike Tour, a great way to see the bucolic neighborhoods. Led by Laguna natives with a passion for the town, your group will traverse Laguna’s marked bike route that avoids Pacific Coast Highway, stopping at local parks, view corridors and riding through the downtown village encountering public art and historic points of interest.

And then there’s Laguna’s main event – the Pacific Ocean and a stunning coastline of hidden coves and rocky points. Laguna’s water is rated among the cleanest in Southern California, and it’s also a 7-mile marine reserve, a no-take zone where fishing and spearing are prohibited. This level of protection has allowed the depleted fisheries to recover and flourish. But don’t take our word for it; come experience this aquatic wonderland yourself with our group kayak and paddleboard experiences, as well as group surf camp in our fabled waves.

Laguna also doesn’t allow motorized launches, and that creates a more tranquil experience as we launch our human-powered craft on the beach. Kayaking makes for a splendid group experience because everyone can do it, and we paddle in tandem kayaks. Our guides provide fascinating insights into the local ecology. You are likely to encounter dolphins, sea lions and possibly whales in these healthy waters. Plus you’ll see exclusive cliffside homes and views of Laguna from the sea, which many liken to America’s Riviera. Finally, La Vida Laguna provides a myriad of group experiences on the beach as well, including drumming, bonfires, catering, entertainment, team-building games and competitions.

With mild year-round temperatures, plenty of sunny days, an abundance of open space and more, it’s no wonder that people love their time in Laguna Beach. Things to do abound, and at La Vida Laguna, we can craft a memorable experience that your group will treasure for a lifetime.

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