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Every get waves of pleasure from smelling a fragrant flower? The olfactory nerve is the fastest gateway to the brain, and strong producer of endorphins, sense memory, and feelings of wellbeing. In this workshop we work with a spectrum of natural, plant-based essential oils (both floral and herbal), and blend them into bath salts, misters or body oils. Everyone gets to label and take them home.


Learn floral arrangement design from top floral artists with a seasonal flair. You’ll learn through expert demonstration and a hands-on workshop to design your very own floral creation. Whether its a centerpiece, holiday wreath, succulent arrangement, or seascape air plant terrarium, you’ll have a blast learning new skills and leaving with your very own floral creation.


Take over a large local artist studio located in Laguna Beach. This is a hands on demonstration of blowing glass and participant will shape and blow the glass through a process of heating, cooling, and reheating to maintain the malleable properties until complete. Everyone will then create their own unique piece to be brought home with them.


Experience Laguna the way it’s been meant for over a century – as an artist. Join one of our professional art teachers in an open air course by the sea. Plein air is a Laguna tradition and means open air landscape art. This class is taught in one of our beach parks, with a demonstration first on painting with acrylics, and then hands on painting with your own easel and palette. Can also be paired with wine.