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On this tour we’ll view the lovely and charming historic neighborhoods of North Laguna, where there are abundant, century-old historic homes in various European styles, as well as more contemporary mid-century modern and contemporary homes. We’ll also tour historic, coastal Heisler Park, and learn about all the native and non-native flora that makes this park so special, along with its many public art installations.



Laguna is an arts colony known for its annual summer Pageant of the Masters, Festival of Arts, and countless diverse art galleries. Join our local artist / college art professor while navigating through some of the most prominent galleries as you learn how to appreciate various techniques, styles, and mediums. You’ll gain the confidence to speak to gallerists with the prowess of a true art collector.



Laguna was a lively center for psychedelic exploration in the 60’s that drew artists, surfers and activists – much like Haight Ashbury – but with a beach vibe. It’s where Timothy Leary got busted. On this tour, see where the hippies lived and manufactured over 100 hits of LSD, the Sawdust Festival, where many of them made psychedelic art, the Sound Spectrum, the vinyl store that is frozen in time, and the Mystic Arts Center, their mediation center and bookstore that was way ahead of its time.