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Every team needs a bit of help or inspiration from time to time, but should we focus on team-building activities or team-bonding activities to reach that higher level?

Team building has become somewhat of an overused, trite term in the world of corporate programs to enhance performance. Does it carry an unfair expectation that groups, engaging in non-work activities for a couple hours, actually will experience big shifts and transform into a more cohesive team? Perhaps.

However, a more apt description for many offsite programs is team-bonding activities, where the expected outcome is simply to make people closer by having them engage in collective, non-work experiences. And, when groups are unplugged, in nature and step away from the office, big changes take place.

For one thing, the playing field is leveled. Everyone is equal in the pursuit of accomplishing something together. People let their hair and armor down, are more heart-centered and introspective, and more capable of empathy and compassion. The feeling that we are all in this together, and that there are some things in life that are bigger than work unifies and brings us closer.  These are activities for growth, renewal and rebuilding.

We maintain that when the stress gets heavy, the best things teams can do to reboot is simply get out in nature. Take a hike, a bike ride, a kayak trek, and just breathe in this marvelous place we call Earth. Engage your senses – sight, smell, sound, taste and touch to reinvigorate the mind and body.

We call it a “digital detox,” and it should be mandatory in every company to step away from the noise periodically to engage and renew the senses. In fact, these team-bonding activities can become a regular component of your corporate wellness program. If you don’t yet have a wellness program, let La Vida Laguna help you design and jumpstart these new initiatives.

If you are looking for personal growth, La Vida Laguna offers an array of Transformational Arts programs where teams can learn to mediate and do yoga, or soothe their senses with essential oils, crystals, and sound therapy. We can create a gratitude ceremony on the beach, complete with a bonfire. All of these can be offered in a regular series or in a single Transformational Arts Fair brought to your office.

Our outdoor team bonding activates include hiking, biking, surfing, kayaking, paddleboarding, treasure hunts, beach games and challenges, drum circles, boot camps, plus art and music classes. Collaborative experiences in the arts provide a wonderful way to create lasting bonds that translate into more effective work partnerships.

Additionally, we offer a unique Leadership Development program based upon peak performance guru Abraham Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs. This offside experiential curriculum unpacks the keys to happiness, fulfillment and purpose, and helps foster peak performance in life, as well as in one’s career.

We also create offsite events and culinary experiences to go with our team-bonding programs, so your team can enjoy cocktails or a meal directly after the team-bonding activities.

Explore our website and you’ll get an idea of the types of team-bonding activities we can provide. Whether you need to plan a single team experience or want to create a series of unique events for your team, we can plan something that promotes the growth, renewal and rebuilding you seek.

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