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If you are searching for some ways to rejuvenate and inspire your team, but want something a bit out of the ordinary, La Vida Laguna can provide you with a myriad of memorable experiences. Here’s a quick look at a few amazing team-building ideas that you can do right here in Orange County.


Sure, you can rent a boat, play loud music, and down some cocktails. We like that too. But there is something magical about human-powered paddling, silently in a kayak, smelling the briny ocean and watching the abundant marine life.

15 years ago, La Vida Laguna started our team-building company offering kayaking for corporate groups, and while we’ve added extensively to our repertoire, kayaking remains our most popular activity because it’s easy, the scenery is stunning and everyone does it together.


There’s nothing more invigorating than playing in the waves and conquering the adrenaline-filled sport of surfing. La Vida Laguna offers a special surf camp for novice adult groups.

First, we get everyone fitted for a wet suit at our Laguna surf shop. Then we walk to the beach for your initial training on the sand, where you’ll learn paddle and pop-up techniques, along with wave etiquette. Then it’s time to paddle into the lineup, where our instructors will guide and keep everyone safe. The first wave you pop up on will have you hooked on surfing for life.


Of course, not all of our team-building ideas focus on the sea. Biking is a great way to let off steam with your colleagues, get a cardio workout and enjoy some epic scenery. Let La Vida Laguna guide your group along any of our many routes, from Newport Beach to Dana Point, We offer flat beach cruises, scenic city tours and mountain bike options with our fleet of Diamondback 21 speed bikes. Our expert guides keep everyone together and safe, and we include everything your group needs – waters, helmets and fun.


There are so many scenic hikes throughout coastal Orange County. Come explore the protected open space of Laguna Canyon, Crystal Cove, and Aliso & Wood Canyons parks. Our naturalists can provide an interpretive tour so you can learn about the natural ecology. Another option would be to take a more spirited cardio hike, or, alternatively,  slow down with a mindfulness hike that emphasizes breath and awareness with every step.


There’s nothing more quintessentially Californian than playing volleyball on the sand. You’ll enjoy the soothing coastal breeze and the feeling of warm sand under your feet. We customize volleyball and beach soccer competitions and clinics, and can even bring along some past Olympians to provide inspiring stories for your team.


La Vida Laguna has created a proprietary team-building survival game called Shipwrecked. Contestants pretend they’ve washed ashore on a deserted island, and have precious little time to build a village before a storm hits. The tasks include building shelter, hunting and gathering food, as well as building a tribal identity with hats, flags, song and dance. Then we conclude it all with a rousing tribal drum circle. Great themes of teamwork and leadership emerge, and this is something your team members will remember for a lifetime.


Sometimes, team-building ideas focus less on activity and more on growing within. La Vida Laguna is on the cutting edge of the team-building movement toward health and wellness with programs in yoga, meditation, crystals, aromatherapy, sound therapy, taste therapy, drumming, art and gratitude as a daily practice. We can even set up a Transformational Arts Fair at your office so your team can dabble in all of them.

These are just a few of the team-building ideas that you might want to consider. Contact La Vida Laguna at any time, and we can discuss your needs and develop the perfect team-building experience for your group.

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