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Searching for unique ideas for team building in Orange County? Look no further than La Vida Laguna, OC’s premier team-building company. We provide memorable team experiences throughout Orange County. Here’s a quick look at what we can provide for your team.

Enjoy The Beauty Of Laguna & The Beach Cities

Come spend an afternoon or a day in Laguna Beach and take advantage of all the recreational opportunities the beautiful town has to offer: land, sea, and the cultural arts.

We organize a wide range of team building programs in Orange County, and many of the activities center in our home base of Laguna Beach. We can arrange sessions of group beach yoga, meditation, boot camps, mindful hiking, walking tours, wellness therapies and much more.

For instance, our unique menu of wellness therapies includes aromatherapy sessions where your team can learn about essential oils and how to create their own aromatherapy oils at home. We also offer sound therapy, crystal therapy and even taste therapy, where we teach participants how to eat consciously and provide the nourishment our bodies need for optimum health. These activities can be a great way to kick off or support your corporate wellness initiatives.

Other Orange County group adventures include biking, hiking, stand-up paddleboarding and surfing in Laguna Beach, Newport Beach or Dana Point. We also can assist you with a sailing regatta or yacht charter.

At La Vida Laguna, we have created some very unique experiences for team building in Orange County. For instance, we can liven up your team with a group treasure hunt or a day of beach Olympics. We also organize sand sculpture competitions, build-a-boat adventures and our own proprietary Shipwrecked survival game. These are memorable experiences that will bring your team closer together and everyone will have a blast along the way.

Beyond Laguna

Want to experience more remote parts of Orange County? We offer a wine and wilderness tour that includes a visit to OC’s only vineyard, followed by a brief nature walk and snacks. Or how about a brewery tour with all of Orange County’s emerging craft breweries? Or take our delectable culinary tour of Orange County’s ethnic communities of Westminster, Anaheim and Santa Ana.

We Can Bring The Experience To You

If you prefer, let us come to you directly, and create team-building programs to renew and invigorate your team, like our transformational arts programs that include yoga, mindfulness, gratitude, aroma therapy, sound therapy, nutrition and wellness programs.

Additionally, if you want to combine your team-building experiences in an offsite meeting space, we can help you find conference facilities throughout the coastal area. Many of our clients will schedule conferences or meetings and open and close these events with some of our team-building experiences.

For instance, before the first day of meetings, you might begin with a session of group yoga or meditation to clear the mind. You might end several days of meetings with a session of group drumming, which is a great way to break down barriers and get everyone working together to create a cohesive rhythm.

The opportunities for team building in Orange County are endless with our varied topography and mild year-round climate. Additionally, if your team is hungry after one of our adventures, we cater on-site at beaches and parks, so you can make it a full day of adventure and fun.

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