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Teamwork makes the dream work, as the saying goes. Team-building programs traditionally have been centered on trust-building games, group challenges and building things like bicycles to give away. We’ve all done them before. But what’s really new and cutting edge are team-building programs aimed at the mind, body and soul.


With the stress and anxiety in our wired, information-saturated world, company teams are discovering a new kind of team-building activity that focuses inward as much as out, and provides everyday tools for combating stress, improving efficiency and living a healthier life.


Many call it “mindfulness,” while others might call it the “healing arts.” But what were once considered fringe ideas from the East rapidly has entered the mainstream. First among equals is, of course, yoga – that ancient practice of bending and oxygenating the body in preparation for meditation. Here in the West, we treat it as more of a workout, but either way, the results are much the same – improved balance, strength and flexibility.


At La Vida Laguna, we take yoga seriously and teach to all levels, particularly beginners. We have discovered that more and more people are curious and open to trying it. One of the best things about yoga is that people recognize the benefits instantaneously.


Our yoga team-building practice can be offered indoors at hotels and corporate campuses. But we prefer to teach it outside, where students can breathe the fresh air and take in the natural elements as another way to soothe the mind and enhance the practice. We also enjoy bringing in live music, soft instrumental stylings that further calm and soothe the mind so it can focus solely on each breath.


Another practice that is gaining momentum in corporate America is meditation. It’s quickly been adopted in Silicon Valley as a tool to improve performance, induce calm and help in interactions with colleagues. In that regard, we consider group meditation a team-building practice. We teach how to incorporate a daily meditation practice into your life, the ease of doing it in any setting, even on an airplane or in a crowded setting.


We’ve added more healing modalities into our team-building repertoire and offer a myriad of unique therapies. These therapies calm the nervous system and delight the senses. For instance, our aromatherapy sessions allow your team to indulge in the delicious fragrances of essential oils, and learn how to make them at home.


With sound therapy, we play Tibetan gongs and crystal bowls, creating a sound vibration that instantly relaxes and transports the body and soul. Our crystal therapy introduces the chakra system and the many minerals that align and help you perform in an optimal state. Our taste therapy sessions introduce a way to eat consciously, savoring every bite of super foods such as raw cacao.


In this fractured, busy world we live in, we seldom have time to come together as a group and celebrate with ceremony. For corporate groups that function as a family or tribe, our team-building programs also include drum circles, gratitude, mandala making and dissolution rituals to shed what no longer serves.


If you want to bring a mystical flavor to any of your parties and corporate events, we can provide transformational entertainment in the form of drum performance, musicians, fire dancers, body painters, live artists and card readers.


Ready to rejuvenate your team? Contact La Vida Laguna today and let’s plan a transformational team-building experience for your group that will feed the mind, body and soul.

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