Using a beautiful professional recording studio in Laguna Beach, we offer several sonic experiences that allow groups to tease out their musical and songwriting talents, even if they didn't know they had any. A great way to have fun and blow off steam. Our space has an inner studio and separate lounge, making it ideal for company fun and relaxation..  

Group Rap: You may not play an instrument, but everyone can rap. And in this activity we create a satirical company rap song. We start with a musical "bed," the instrumental beats that provide the foundation to a song. The first thing we do is construct the chorus, the repetitive chant that makes up the foundation of the song ("We are the bomb in pharmaceuticals, in drops or pills or even chewables"). Next we pair into teams to write individual verses. Then we lay down tracks, where each group records their verses, which is really fun. And then we mix and edit into a finished song everyone can take home with them. 

Group Rap + Music Video: With extra time permitting, we produce the Company Rap song, and then take it outdoors, where each team is filmed performing (lip synching) their verse in unique settings in and around downtown Laguna Beach. We then cobble it together into a music video that is MTV ready, if not at least peer worthy. What a fun way to spend the day!

Jam Session: Have a few musicians in your group? Need a few more to round out a band? We got them, and can provide the studio for a fun afternoon of jamming. Everyone participates as we give non-musicians percussion instruments, vocal parts, and on site training so that the team can make music together. All of it can be recorded for future enjoyment. 

Team Drum Circle

Drum Circle: Take our fabled drum circle indoors, into the studio, and record it.