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coororate team building

La Vida Laguna is the premier Outdoor Adventure and Corporate Team Building Company in Southern California. We specialize in ocean and land based eco activities that get people offsite, unplugged and outdoors, building camaraderie, leadership and teamwork. 



A unique eco-friendly game that fosters teamwork and advances new survival skills. Teams are “shipwrecked” on a deserted island and must work together to cross a “lava” river, build shelter, cook food with solar ovens, and distill drinking water from the ocean, all with found materials.

Then they must figure a way off the island through creative collaboration. Teams express their mission through sculpture, drum, journaling, and eventually kayak with the help of a treasure map.



Amazing Laguna is a great game for groups to discover the history and lore of Laguna while competing as historians, sleuths, actors, and competitive athletes. The theme is Laguna, the charming beach town and artist colony with historic bones, Hollywood bonafides, and a vibrant beach and surf culture. Teams will engage in mysteries and challenges to discover and delight in the downtown village and Main Beach. Clues are provided to find points of interest, architecture, hidden art, and the beach culture There must also complete interactive challenges, games, and interaction with locals.


beach olympics

Teams to compete in several challenging games which are crafted to encourage team work and, perhaps most important, fun.  After the games you can indulge in a catered meal or continue the festivities with a second activity like Drum CircleSand Castle or Kayaking.  Create a day of friendly competitions, including kayak and paddleboard relay races, volleyball, horseshoes, human hula toss, Frisbee golf, ladder ball, baggo, skip rope, soccer, football, paddle ball, and other carny games.  A sense of team work and honor is crucial when working in a large group.  These games help instill a sense of pride and brings everyone together.