Laguna Beach Activities: Kayaking For Couples & Groups

On all too many outings that include spouses and significant others, it can be hard to pair them in the perfect activity. Without sounding chauvinistic, let’s face it, a lot of guys like to golf and a lot of women would prefer a relaxing massage. Of course, some like both and others like neither. But it’s a shame to segregate people by, say, spa treatment or shopping, for one, and golf or fishing, for others. 

Instead, how about an activity that is scenic, thrilling, good exercise and tailor-made for a couples’ experience? We’re talking about group kayak tours on the amazing Pacific Ocean with La Vida Laguna. As one of our many Laguna Beach activities, we’ve been taking groups of people on ocean kayaking adventures for 15 years, and to this day it remains our most popular group and couples’ experience.

For one thing, we offer tandem kayaks so couples can stay together. You paddle in unison and work together as you navigate along the mighty ocean. Once we get you out in the beautiful Laguna coastline, unplugged, in silence and nature together, you will both feel a rejuvenating transformation and renewed reverence for Mother Nature. With Southern California’s mild climate, this is one of those Laguna Beach activities you can enjoy year-round. In fact, the sunsets and overall visibility is generally better in the winter, so don’t shy away from an outing when the weather is a bit cooler.

Laguna Beach has one of the most dramatic coastlines in California; many would say in the world. Because many of the local beaches are designated as a Marine Reserve, the crystal-clear waters contain a healthy habitat and home to dolphin, whales and sea lions. So you don’t have to go to Africa for big game.

You also enjoy a rocky coastline of reefs, tide pools, multi-colored cliffs, hidden coves and beaches with extraordinary cliff-side homes. Look down at the luminous kelp forests and see orange garibaldi (the state fish), purple sea urchins and green anemones. It is a veritable aquarium of aquatic life with a backdrop of green, rolling hills and steep canyons.

But the paddling is really the main attraction, gliding along in unison, stroke by stroke, crossing the coastline together with human-powered efficiency. You’ll feast on the smells, sounds, shapes and colors of a thriving sea. Our guides will regale you with stories of the ecosystem and Laguna’s rich history of fishing, diving, surfing, skimming and anything else ocean-related.

Often, people stick with Laguna Beach activities that keep you on the shore, but taking in our lush, scenic coastline from a different perspective, immersed in the restful sounds of nature and working together to pilot your kayak through the waters is something you’ll remember for years to come. You’ll return renewed, refreshed and invigorated by everything nature has to offer and pleasantly pooped but ready for cocktails or a gourmet dinner for two.

In addition to our kayaking excursions, we offer many other unique Laguna Beach activities, including surf lessons and ocean paddleboarding adventures. Gather together a group of eight or more, and you can enjoy everything from group painting experiences to nutrition classes and much more. Take a look at our unique tours and group activities, and give us a call to schedule your special excursion.

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