Mindful Team Building: Gratitude as a (Business) Practice

No experience necessary

Except for the desire to feel really good 

Go to the more mindful side of group activity with this experiential teambuilding activity that takes full advantage of the amazing Laguna Beach surroundings. Meet at a serene location in Laguna Beach, and begin with some deep breaths and an orientation on how to root your five senses in the nature around you.

Quiet the busy mind and be reminded of the grace and gift of life.  So much to be thankful for. Now start your meditation with some deep yoga stretches to oxygenate your blood flow and prepare for the next phase - stillness.

Move into a meditation, learning the key practice of asking the right questions before dropping into mantra.

Now you are ready for a brief five sense walk through nature and to the beach.

Now you are ready for the final three steps to self care enlightenment – sound, smell and taste.  Stimulate and enliven your olfactory with essential oil aromatherapy – a direct jolt of serotonin.

Then lay down for final meditation - a sound bath.  Let the tones and vibrations of Tibetan bowls take you to a deep place of relaxation.  Emerge renewed, refreshed, and ready for the final stimulation of a raw chocolate super food “slow chew and savor” tasting. Ahh… ready to take on the world.

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