The Zen of Stand-Up Paddleboarding

No new sport has captured the imagination of the world like stand-up paddleboarding. Not since snowboarding has such a mass market shift occurred in recreational sports. And with good reason: paddleboarding has made the experience of getting out on the water easier for everyone. They’re lightweight, human-powered and provide a thrilling way to get out on any body of water, tour around and enjoy scenery from a unique perspective.

At La Vida Laguna, we have a particularly tasty offering – paddleboarding in the amazing Pacific Ocean, on a magical coastline that is a designated marine reserve. This means that fishing and spearfishing are prohibited, and as a result, this stretch of coastline has a particularly robust eco-system.

With a rocky coastline of reefs and tidepools, there is a lot to see – especially from the vantage point of a paddleboard, where you can look straight down. From your paddleboard, you also are likely to see dolphins, as this coast is home to one of the most robust populations of common and bottlenose dolphin in the Western Hemisphere.

You also may see California sea lions and perhaps a blue or grey whale on their migratory journey. Don’t worry, they’re gentle giants.  Of course, don’t forget to pause for a moment and gaze at one of the prettiest coastlines in California.

But let’s get back to the magic of paddling. Our La Vida Laguna paddleboard lesson is also a tour, because we’ll get you up and paddling in no time. As we are protected from prevailing winds by Catalina Island to the west, you’ll find the waters to be mostly calm and serene.

We meet you on a remote beach in North Laguna where it’s wave protected and easy to launch. Your guide demonstrates the right posture, stance, paddle strokes, and also how to paddle from your knees, or seated. He or she will help you launch, and you’ll paddle right out to sea. Then the magic happens.

Take a look around and absorb the vibrant colors. Inhale the fresh, briny smell of the ocean. Feel the majesty of Mother Earth and give thanks. Now make your way slowly to your feet, one leg at a time, or pop up. Find your stance and gracefully reach forward with your paddle and move the water to you. Feel the glide. As you move, it will be easier to balance much like a bicycle.

Keep your legs bent. Let them absorb the shock of any swell movement, as you would on a ski slope. Get used to shifting weight back and forth as needed. And glide. Take a moment to be mindful. Take easy full breaths in rhythm with your stroke. Switch sides as needed. You just fully entered the zone, the Zen of paddling, being utterly in the moment, engaging your senses, and being one with the ocean. It is beautiful and healthy and a sublime mood elevator.

Come discover the Zen of stand-up paddleboarding with La Vida Laguna. Our 90-minute coastline tours are ideal for groups of eight to 40 people, but we also can book individual lessons and tours. Even if you’ve never tried stand-up paddleboarding before, we’ll have you gliding up and down the coast and enjoying the sights and sounds of nature in no time at all.

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